Buy fake drivers license Lithuania

Buy Fake Drivers License Lithuania

Lithuania, located in Eastern Europe, has quickly become one of the top tourist spots. The stunning landscape features lakes, forests and castles to discover.

If you’re planning a road trip in this country, it is essential that you fully understand its driving regulations and what documents will be needed. Here is our handy guide that can help.

How to Acquire a Drivers License in Lithuania

In order to secure a driving license in Lithuania, individuals must be at least 20 years old and possess an valid European Union (EU) driver’s licence as well as having passed both written and practical driving tests with a qualified instructor or school.

As a prerequisite, drivers must present valid medical certificates certifying their fitness to drive and be able to demonstrate English or French language abilities if applicable. Furthermore, you may obtain a health attestation certificate showing you’ve attended first aid training classes.

How to Obtain a Passport in Lithuania

Obtaining a passport in Lithuania can be long and complex, which is why so many are turning to the internet for assistance in getting their application approved.

To obtain a passport in Lithuania, proof of identity and citizenship are necessary – this includes providing your passport photo as well as proof of name and date of birth are correct.