Buy fake drivers license Netherlands

Buy Fake Drivers License Netherlands

The Netherlands is an ideal location for long walks, with its windmills and tulips inspiring residents into long daily strolls. But for those unable to remain still for extended periods, driving becomes essential.

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As internationals can attest, obtaining a driving license in the Netherlands can be fairly straightforward; however, certain rules apply specifically to foreigners living there. Any driving license from outside of Europe will only remain valid for a specified time frame.

Under certain conditions, it may be possible to exchange your driving license for one issued in the Netherlands (rijbewijs). In order to do this, however, at least 185 days must have passed since you established residency in the Netherlands.

Before moving to the Netherlands, it’s advisable to familiarise yourself with its rules regarding foreign driving licenses. More information can be found at the Dutch government’s website(external link).

Why is obtaining a driving license so difficult for immigrants? In the Netherlands, to obtain a driver’s license requires passing a stringent national licensing exam that assesses knowledge and comprehension of road safety laws.