Buy fake drivers license Poland

Buy Fake Drivers License Poland

If you are an outsider looking for a fake drivers license in Poland, the steps are relatively straightforward but some specific knowledge is required in order to acquire one.

At first, you must be an EU citizen and possess a Polish passport. In order to do this, proof must be shown of both your European citizenship and ancestry in order to get one issued.

As part of your documentation for driver licensing purposes, you will also need proof of health. This means getting approval from a physician (orzeczenie lekarskie).

Once this step has been taken, it’s time to apply for your driving license in Poland – either online or directly at an office.

Cost of obtaining a Polish driver’s license varies by class; an average Class B license should cost approximately 2,600 euros.

At such an expensive cost, it is worth carefully considering whether purchasing a Polish driving license is truly necessary. Often it is better to wait until after obtaining both your International Driving Permit and EU passport before purchasing one in Poland.

Georgian man was interrogated, during which he admitted using a fake driving license in Poland. Following this procedure, he agreed to pay a fine and have his forged document confiscated; incident illustrates the difficulty migrants can have acquiring valid driving permits in Poland.