Buy fake drivers license Turkey


Buy Fake Driver’s License in Turkey Driving in Turkey requires foreigners to possess a valid drivers license before being permitted to do so; doing so without such documentation is illegal and should therefore not be attempted.

Foreigners wishing to obtain a driving license must follow the appropriate procedure and pass any relevant exams, or convert their existing international license to Turkish status by providing relevant documents at Nufus Mudurlugu.

How Can I Acquire My Driving Licence in Turkey? Acquiring your drivers license in Turkey should be fairly simple. First you will take the written exam, followed by taking several weeks worth of lessons that teach parallel parking, starting up on slopes and emergency breaking techniques among others.

How long may a foreigner drive with a foreign license?

Non-Turkish residents holding foreign driver’s licenses can drive legally in Turkey for up to 6 months before their foreign license becomes invalid and they must exchange it for one issued in Turkey in order to remain longer than 6 months in Turkey.

Why is it difficult for migrants to obtain a driving license in Turkey?