Buy Fake Passport of Bulgaria

Buy Fake Passport of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has long been one of the premier locations for foreigners seeking second passports, offering EU citizenship and visa-free access to over 160 countries including Britain, UAE, Japan and Germany.

Bulgarian passports allow travel within Europe’s Schengen zone and to other EU member states as well as to countries in which Bulgaria maintains diplomatic or consular representation abroad. They also enable holders to receive emergency assistance from Bulgarian consular officials during an emergency situation.

Acquisition of Bulgarian Citizenship through Investment

One of the quickest and easiest ways to obtain citizenship of Bulgaria is through investment. While this process is fast and simple, a significant sum will need to be invested.

Bulgarian passport applications generally take about two years, though longer if double your investment. Unlike many citizenship by investment programs, Bulgaria doesn’t require any language or residency requirements – an attractive proposition for US citizens looking for EU passport benefits without all of the hassle.

Bulgarian passports provide visa-free entry into Canada, making them especially appealing to travelers from emerging world nations with few options for second passports. Furthermore, with recent debate about ending visa-free access for US citizens becoming an issue, a Bulgarian passport may prove particularly advantageous for frequent visitors to America.