Buy Passport Photos Online

buy passport photos online

Buy Passport Photos Online

An easy way for foreigners to acquire passport photos online is with a camera of high resolution and knowledge of its requirements for an acceptable photo. Even your phone camera can take acceptable images for visas, passports and other documents if you follow instructions and check that the picture meets those standards; editing software may help make necessary modifications as needed.

With a DSLR camera with quality lenses, taking photos is easier than ever. A tripod will make this task even simpler; just ensure that you use enough lighting and take shots from various angles to meet requirements for each photo taken. Also ensure the background is not busy or busy-patterned – in addition to not wearing head coverings other than for religious reasons.

There are numerous locations throughout the US where you can have your photos taken, with CVS, Walgreens, Costco and Sam’s Club among them being popular choices. At these establishments you will typically be offered two compliant photos for approximately $15; however they do not know about requirements specific to other countries so if you require photos for Colombian cedula or Myanmar passport they won’t be of much assistance.

If you want to save money, use an online service offering retouched photos for passports, visas and other documents like PersoFoto that provides these retouched pictures at competitive rates. Once selected the country and document type needed the photos will display required image sizes and dimensions automatically with options to tilt, rotate or change contrast saturation for optimal results.