Buy Real Driving License of Croatia

Buy real driving license of Croatia

Buy Real Driving License of Croatia

Purchase real driving license of Croatia

In order to legally drive in Croatia, the first step you need to take is acquiring a driving license. Without one you cannot legally operate within its borders!

Your license options include the following:

1) Apply online through e-Citizens for an international driving permit (for a fee).
2) If you already hold a valid driver’s license from your home country, this may eliminate the need for one.
c) If you possess an international driving permit (IDP), make sure to carry both documents at all times when in Croatia.

Your license can be verified in Croatia only if it has been listed in the Central Driving Licences Register with its certificate of authenticity. This document acts as proof that it will be accepted there.

Your driving license should be written in Latin script and include your name, date of birth, address and signature.

If your license is written in a language other than English, having it translated by a professional sworn translator may be beneficial – though not mandatory.

d) If you hold a valid driving licence from any one of the countries included within the European Union, such as the US, CA or NZ; you do not require an international driving permit.

However, if your license comes from another country, a certified translator from your own nation must translate it to Croatian for you – these translators can be found through Legal Aid Council.