Buy Real Driving License of Hungary

Buy real driving license of Hungary

Buy Real Driving License of Hungary

How difficult is it for a foreigner to obtain a driving license in Hungary?

A foreigner can legally drive in Hungary as long as they hold an valid driver’s license from their home country if it is part of either EU or EEA membership.

If you hold a driving license issued from outside of Europe or North America and wish to drive in Hungary, an international driving permit (IDP) from your original country of issue must first be obtained before driving legally in Hungary. You can apply for such an IDP at any district government document office, government information center or Personal Customer Service Centre of Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.

As soon as you arrive in Hungary, make sure you carry an IDP with you at all times. In case the police stop you and want proof of identity and driver’s license from home country. This document serves two functions.

An IDP may be issued for up to six months before you must take and pass a driving test; should this occur and it prove unsuccessful, up to two years can pass before another attempt can be attempted.

Hungarian officials have implemented a “zero refugee policy,” in an attempt to discourage refugees from remaining in Hungary; however, as demonstrated by satirical campaigns conducted by Two-Tailed Dog Party there appears to be little resistance among its population.