Buy Real Driving License of Latvia Online

Buy real driving license of Latvia

Buy Real Driving License of Latvia Online

If you hold a valid driving license from another EU country, you are permitted to drive in Latvia using it. No International Driver’s Permit will be needed as long as your place of usual residence has been declared on your driving license.

Before driving in Latvia, bring along your motor insurance certificate and V5 registration document as proof that you own or rent your vehicle. Drunk driving is illegal so it is crucial that you refrain from drinking prior to operating any motorized vehicles.

Your driving licence should comply with EU standards, which is a plastic, credit-card-sized photo card featuring special security features that has been issued throughout all EU countries since 2013. If you hold an overseas driving license, which meets similar criteria to that issued in Latvia, this can also be exchanged.

Attaining a driving license in Latvia can be quite complicated for migrants. There are multiple steps involved, including acquiring a personal code number in Latvia, receiving medical examination and taking and passing a test.

Latvia does not impose an age minimum requirement to acquire a driving license; however, your doctor must certify that you are physically and mentally fit to drive before issuing you one.

If your driving licence was issued from another country, it can be used for up to six months as long as your place of residence has been declared on it and other criteria have been fulfilled. For longer stays, however, a new driving licence in Latvia must be obtained.