Buy Real Driving License of Luxembourg

Buy real driving license of Luxembourg

Buy Real Driving License of Luxembourg

As soon as you arrive in Luxembourg, all drivers must obtain a driving license – whether from outside or inside.

Your license can be acquired either through an approved driving school or one of the numerous testing centers throughout the country. To receive your licence you must be 18 or over and pass both theory and practical tests – both of which may be taken in English – successfully.

Process is relatively straightforward: simply enroll at a driving school and complete all required lessons to qualify for a Luxembourg driving license. Choose among various schools available – they can even change providers at any time if needed!

Your driving licence will have an expiration date and must be renewed at least annually (though there may be exceptions). In order to do this, you will require either a valid passport or national ID card as identification documents.

Register your license with the SNCA for 30 euros; they will provide a replacement if it becomes lost or stolen, along with providing an updated copy for use. Be sure to include a photograph along with your application!

Acquiring a license may prove challenging for migrants driving in Luxembourg. If you come from one of the European Economic Area member states, exchanging your European driving license should not cause any issues; but if you come from outside this area, within your first year of residency in the country it must be converted to a Luxembourg driving license.