Buy Real Driving License of Ukraine

Buy real driving license of Ukraine

Buy Real Driving License of Ukraine

Gaining a driving license in Ukraine can be both complex and time consuming.

Foreigners requiring residency visas must follow several steps, including registering at their local police department or state transport agency and passing medical exams and driving tests at a traffic police center in their place of residence.

Kateryna Ponomarenko of EBS consulting company notes that the process for obtaining a Ukrainian driver’s license can be long and laborious due to its necessity being completed only in its issuing state’s language.

This statement rings especially true for non-native speakers of Ukrainian.

Foreigners seeking a driving license in Ukraine must pass two state exams: theory (computer test at DAI) and practical. Training may be completed through any driving school or with a private mentor; all procedures typically take approximately two months.

Seat belt usage is mandatory when driving in Ukraine and failure to do so carries a fine of 51 hryvnias.

There are also other driving laws and rules in Ukraine that could impact how you drive, including requirements that you carry a warning triangle, headlamp beam deflectors and first aid kits with your car.

Law enforcement often fines drivers who do not carry safety measures in their vehicle.