Clothes For Passport Photo

clothes for passport photo

Clothes For Passport Photo

Clothes for Passport Photos

To prepare for what may be one of the most significant documents you will present during your lifetime (other than possibly driver’s licenses), dressing nicely and fashionablely can only make sense. But how do you do that without going too far and risking having your photo rejected? This article offers helpful advice on what clothes will look good both now and later when crossing customs while traveling the globe.

What to Wear

While the U.S. State Department doesn’t impose specific dress standards for passport photos, that does not mean you can wear whatever you please when taking one. There are certain items you should avoid wearing when taking your photo:

Start off by wearing clothing without patterns; these tend to be more distracting. Also avoid clothing in too light or white shades as these could fade in photos and may not be legible enough for reading purposes.

Be mindful when selecting necklines; anything too low will probably not make the final cropped photo, such as halter tops, tube crop tops and strapless bandeaus.

With regards to accessories, jewelry is permitted as long as it does not cover or cast shadows upon the face or cast shadows on other parts of your body. Hair accessories may be worn safely but larger ones should be avoided as these may obscure your head shape. Religious head coverings (such as hats or scarves ) may be acceptable provided a signed statement explains why it must be worn.