Fake ID Card Maker Software – How to Make a Fake ID Card That Looks Real

fake id card maker software

Fake ID Card Maker Software – How to Make a Fake ID Card That Looks Real

Fake ID cards can be an entertaining and effective way to demonstrate your graphic design talents or gain entry to bars and restaurants without paying fees, without breaking the law in most jurisdictions. But using one is illegal – with potential fines reaching into thousands of dollars depending on where it was caught using. So here’s how you can create one without risking your freedom or thousands in fines!

ID Card Maker Software

Many free ID card maker programs exist that enable you to easily design School and Organization ID cards. Some come equipped with predefined templates that make the design process simpler for you. Furthermore, most provide Editor sections, Insert image tool, Text tool, Font changer/resizer/resize tool as well as Background changer options and can even let you print or save as a JPG/BMP/GIF file for later printing or saving purposes.

ID Flow is my go-to ID card maker because it allows for both fully customizable and template based ID card creation, with plenty of card customization and management features. Compatible with numerous scanners for easy scanned document and image retrieval and the ability to change height/width values quickly and efficiently, ID Flow works on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems while being lightweight, quick, and user friendly.