Getting a Driver License in Germany

driver license in germany

Getting a Driver License in Germany

Do you want to explore Germany by car, ride the legendary Autobahn or shop with new friends? Acquiring a driver license in Germany is your first step, though the rules for foreigners may be somewhat unclear; read this article for some tips!

Most cities provide a Fuhrerscheinstelle (driver’s licence office), where you can obtain more information on license requirements. It is always wise to inquire at your local office as there may be regional variations – for instance, requirements in Cologne might differ slightly than in Munich or Berlin.

Under certain conditions, foreign licenses will automatically be exchanged for German ones via reciprocity agreements. This applies especially for citizens from Andorra, Monaco and San Marino as well as Australia, New Zealand, Channel Islands Croatia South Africa and Singapore. Otherwise, any valid foreign license remains in its country of origin until its cancellation by its government.

People not from these countries generally have six months from the date of arrival in Germany to obtain a valid German license, as German law only recognizes driving licenses issued from states with agreements with Germany as valid driving permits. At an appointment to exchange his or her license personally rather than send someone on their behalf.