Getting Drivers License in Texas Over 25

getting drivers license in texas over 25

Getting Drivers License in Texas Over 25

Acquiring your drivers license in Texas over 25 is both thrilling and daunting for anyone, but can be especially intimidating for newcomers to the process. But with proper knowledge and information at your disposal, the experience should go much smoother.

As part of your adult driver’s education course, it is necessary to complete a six-hour adult driver’s education course. This can be taken online or locally. Once complete, a written test – featuring multiple-choice questions about road signs, traffic laws and safe driving practices – and vision tests must also be passed successfully in order to drive safely.

Once you have taken and passed all required tests, you can schedule an appointment at the nearest DPS office and provide documents confirming your identity, Texas residency and U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status. Furthermore, knowledge and behind-the-wheel road tests must also be passed before receiving your full driver’s license.

Foreign drivers with valid driver’s licenses issued from other countries may be exempt from taking both knowledge and behind-the-wheel tests if they surrender their current driver’s license and meet residency and financial responsibility requirements in Texas.