How to Access a Website For Driving License For Migrants

website for driving license

How to Access a Website For Driving License For Migrants

Are You an Immigrant Living in the U.S.? The easiest way to obtain your driving license in America is to visit your local DMV Office; alternatively you can apply online through Skip or via Skip app; both require numerous proofs of identity and residency before they can complete your application process.

Not only must you pass a vision and written test, but you must also pass the road test for your driving license to become valid in New York state. During this in-car section of the process, your ability to safely maneuver your vehicle while adhering to New York state traffic laws will be tested. If you fail the road test, additional courses and exams may need to be taken before retaking the exam to succeed.

American Automobile Association and American Automobile Touring Alliance are the only two organizations authorized by the U.S. State Department to issue international drivers’ permits (IDPs). Beware of other organizations claiming to offer similar services; these may be scams.

Some traffic courts in New York require individuals who visit them to produce valid driver’s licenses from their host countries when stopped by police officers. To prevent this situation from occurring, we advise carrying your host country driver’s license at all times – especially when visiting traffic courts. Furthermore, having an International Driving Permit can come in handy should they ever get pulled over and arrested.