How to Apply For a Passport Online Forms

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How to Apply For a Passport Online Forms

Applying for a passport can be a tedious and time-consuming process, particularly for foreigners. Applications require extensive paperwork such as proof of citizenship and identity documentation as well as photos. In addition to an application fee and passport photo(s), other materials may also be needed depending on what service is needed (birth certificates for children under age 16, naturalization certificates or reports of birth abroad may all be needed to fulfill your request). All this paperwork must be submitted along with Form DS-11 before submission is due.

If you have recently applied for and received your passport, it is advisable that you keep it safe. A valid passport allows travellers to navigate customs more smoothly while providing peace of mind while travelling. Should it become lost or misplaced quickly steps can be taken to regain it quickly.

To apply for a passport, it’s necessary to bring two forms of ID with two inch by two inch photos: Driver’s license or state identification card will do. A photocopy of both sides will also be needed; alternatively you may designate someone to apply on your behalf if unable to attend in person.

Applying for a passport requires paying two fees: an application and processing fee. These amounts vary based on what service is necessary and how quickly your passport needs to arrive; they can be paid via personal check, money order or cashier’s check.