How to Buy Driving License in Poland

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How to Buy Driving License in Poland

Many foreigners who move to Poland find that exchanging their original driving license for one from Poland requires them to undergo an exam that has become notoriously challenging even among locals themselves. Furthermore, getting one takes quite some time.

As well, the process of obtaining a driving license in Poland may be expensive for immigrant families who must pay both tuition to an official driving school and purchase their own car to get around city streets. Therefore, it’s crucial that drivers become acquainted with all of its regulations; this article will help in this endeavor by breaking down its process as thoroughly as possible.

General rules of driving in Poland do not differ significantly from any other European country; however, seat belt usage and acceptable blood alcohol content levels (0.02%) are strictly enforced. Furthermore, drivers coming from countries where drivers occupy the left side of the road should purchase special stickers to prevent their headlights glare oncoming traffic.

As a migrant, it’s important to be aware that over 150 countries have signed conventions authorising driving overseas on foreign licences. If yours is one of these, upon arriving in Poland you may apply to have your licence exchanged at customs; but to do so you will require documents showing you have been authorized to stay longer than 185 days: such as residence cards/visas as well as copies of national driving licenses with notarized translations attached.