How to Catch Credit Card Fraud

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How to Catch Credit Card Fraud

An ID is essential to being an American citizen, enabling us to drive, purchase alcohol or book flights. But getting one may prove more challenging for foreigners.

Fraudulent ID activity occurs when someone uses false information to obtain goods, services or privileges not otherwise available to them. A fake ID can include anything from pictures to birth dates and names or even real ID cards altered, reproduced or falsified in some way.

Identity thieves face fines or arrest for this crime, depending on their actions and the circumstances surrounding their act of identity theft. A felony conviction for identity theft carries significant prison time and steep fines; using a legitimate ID to commit fraud will result in criminal record checks which could hinder future employment opportunities or relocation plans.

Attracting credit card fraudsters starts with being aware of what to look out for. Fraudsters work tirelessly to build up convincing fake identities – from social media accounts and real addresses, all the way down to P.O boxes – with which to establish credit profiles that will appear genuine to a potential target. They may even utilize high credit utilization rates which is one of the key determinants of your score.

As such, it can be very challenging to identify those who have fallen prey to financial fraud. Fraudsters often rack up huge charges without ever paying them back, leaving financial institutions and innocent consumers exposed and vulnerable.