How to Create a Fake Passport Online

create a fake passport online

How to Create a Fake Passport Online

Traveling overseas? A fake passport can be invaluable. Not only will it enable you to experience all that the local sites have to offer without risking having your real one lost or stolen in transit, it can also slip easily into your backpack should its contents get compromised by theft. But creating one requires meticulous care and documentation if criminal prosecution for immigration fraud or related federal white collar crimes arise.

An underground industry selling fake passports on the dark web has emerged with remarkable rapidity. According to an article in The Guardian, one Uzbek with extremist links has begun selling forged British, European, and US passports which can be used for cross-border migration flows.

Passports are required at border checkpoints, hotel checkouts, and even for some jobs and schools abroad, making them vulnerable to being scanned and stored improperly in ways that allow anyone accessing them to resell on the black market.

Darkweb sellers have also begun selling fake driver’s licenses and other forms of ID to pass identity verification checks online. Unfortunately, this type of fraud can be difficult to spot at modern ports of entry due to scanners that look for more than just barcodes and microchips on passports.