How to Get a Driving License in Austria

How to Get a Driving License in Austria

How hard is it for a foreigner in Austria to obtain a driving license?

Keep in mind that Austria has many laws in place designed to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers, as well as an incredibly rigorous enforcement regime for them.

To drive in Austria, it is necessary to possess a valid driver’s license issued from your own country; with one exception being issued from one of the EU or EEA nations.

Start out right by enrolling in a course designed to prepare you for Austrian practical tests. Depending on your license category, this could require between 12-13 hours of preparation before taking tests.

No matter if it is your first time driving or an experienced professional, everyone needs to learn how to navigate the Autobahns. At this time, vignette tickets may also need to be purchased which are available from gas stations near motorways or bordering countries; 10 day (EUR 9,20), two months (EUR 26,80), or one year tickets can all be obtained.

Road Accidents and Fatalities:

Austria has lower road deaths per 100,000 than that seen in the UK; however, Austria still surpasses the European average of 4.02 deaths per 100k inhabitants, due to extensive measures taken by its government to improve road safety and reduce accidents on the road.