How to Get a Driving License in Poland

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How to Get a Driving License in Poland

Undoubtedly, foreigners in Poland will encounter significant difficulties when trying to obtain a driver’s license. First off, the process itself can be dauntingly lengthy with long waiting lines at testing centers awaiting their turn in line for driving tests.

First step to obtaining a driver’s license: Apply in your home country. For this to work smoothly, check whether your country has signed onto international conventions regarding international driving permits (IDPs) before applying.

Once you have obtained an IDP, the final step of the process should be visiting a Polish office to exchange your national licence for one issued in Poland. Once this step has been completed, your original licence will be returned home while you wait for its arrival at your address in Poland.

After you register for a written exam at Wojewodzki Osrodek Ruchu Drogowego (WORD) – Voivodeship Training Center for Drivers in Poland, register for an examination there in either English or Polish language and bring a certified interpreter with you who will translate into your native tongue (if available).

While driving in Poland, you should abide by all general traffic regulations to prevent accidents and road delays. This includes using seat belts, alerting road signs and adhering to speed limits. Furthermore, ensure you carry a first aid kit, reflective triangle and fire extinguisher in your car for your own protection.