How to Get a Driving License in the USA

How to Get a Driving License in the USA

Driver’s licenses provide legal authorization or official document that confirms such authority for an individual to operate various forms of motorized vehicles on public roads. Each U.S. state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) determines which regulations pertain to drivers’ licenses as well as which documents must accompany such licenses.

Driving licenses are official documents issued by governments to permit individuals to operate motorized vehicles on public roads. They contain details such as an individual’s photo, name, date of birth and gender that enables them to drive motor vehicles legally on public roadways.

Acquiring a driving license is an integral step for many US residents. New drivers typically must pass both written and driving skills tests before receiving their first license.

As an immigrant to the USA, getting a driving license can be challenging. 13 states allow immigrants of all statuses – even undocumented immigrants – to receive drivers’ licenses; however, this process can be complex as many states require proof of legal immigration status or green card before providing licenses.

Illinois recently enacted legislation enabling individuals to receive driver’s licenses without a social security number, provided they present either their passport or consular identification document as identification.