How to Get a Picture of a California Real ID Card

picture of ca real id card

How to Get a Picture of a California Real ID Card

California DMV recently approved AB 1766, legislation introduced by Assemblyman Mark Stone back in February and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday. It allows all residents who can provide proof of identity and legal presence the opportunity to obtain an ID card that conforms with Real ID regulations.

Requirements for state-issued Real ID cards include:

All 50 states have now adopted the federal security standards for drivers’ licenses and ID cards, with most adopting “Real IDs” featuring either a gold or black star in the upper right corner, while any non-compliant cards will include “Federal Limits Apply” written at that spot.

One of the key requirements of being a migrant is being able to demonstrate legal residency. Proving residency enables migrants access basic services, like opening bank accounts or applying for jobs.

Lesley Pilgrim, a 25-year-old immigrant from Guatemala, offers an example of just how difficult obtaining state-issued ID can be for some people. On Friday she had enough free time to attend a DMV field office in Laguna Beach and be photographed for her ID, however when it arrived it displayed a picture with a face mask covering.