How to Get a REAL ID Credit Card Statement

real id credit card statement

How to Get a REAL ID Credit Card Statement

To be issued a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or ID card (which will feature a star), you will need to present documents which meet minimum requirements in each state; some require originals while others allow recent copies printed from home computers to suffice.

Typically, to meet the requirements, you will need a proof of identity document that shows your date of birth and full name (first, middle and last). Usually this must be presented through an official document. Furthermore, residency proof documents (typically no older than 90 days old) showing your name and address should also be presented – utility bills, bank statements or W-2’s with your information can serve as suitable examples.

If you have altered your name since birth, evidence must be presented as proof of such changes. This may take the form of a marriage certificate, court order or any other document proving such change.

Foreign passports or employment authorization cards may also be acceptable forms of identification in the US as long as they provide evidence of legal presence such as visa or green card status. It’s important to be aware of any discrepancies between these and US birth certificates or citizenship; without proof of legal presence you won’t be able to apply for a REAL ID and travel domestic flights or access federal facilities.