How To Get A Real ID In Ny For A Migrant

how to get a real id in ny

How To Get A Real ID In Ny For A Migrant

Migrants’ Guide To Obtaining Real Id In New York

Acquiring an official, government-issued photo ID can be essential in many circumstances, from establishing identity in the US to opening bank accounts and accessing discounted services. Unfortunately, this process can be complex for migrants as it involves gathering extensive paperwork before visiting local Department of Motor Vehicles offices – but the benefits outweigh any hassle.

The DMV requires two proofs of legal residency when applying for DMV services: Social Security Number or documentation that you don’t possess one and proof of state residency documents. This requirement, which came into force as part of 9/11 Commission recommendation in 2005 and is known as REAL ID Act, places an added responsibility on DMV agents to make complex judgments regarding an applicant’s immigration status – effectively charging them with upholding federal law.

New York residents have the choice between obtaining a standard driver’s license, an enhanced ID or a REAL ID. An enhanced ID bears a message saying it is not for federal purposes while still appearing identical. On the other hand, REAL ID requires more stringent requirements including proofing your legal presence in America – providing a small star as proof.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill in 2019 which allows non-U.S. citizens older than 16 to apply for standard driver’s licenses from New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Unfortunately, however, this law will take some time before taking effect as DMV continues recovering from COVID-19’s pandemic and backlog effects.