How to Get Drivers License in Texas

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How to Get Drivers License in Texas

Texas requires you to pass both a written test and driving test before being eligible to obtain a driver’s license. Additionally, several forms of identification will need to be brought with you and an issuance fee paid; although this process can appear daunting at first, break it down into manageable steps and it should become simpler.

Teenagers need to enroll in drivers education as a first step toward driving. Teens aged 14-17 must take Impact Texas Teen Driver’s Ed while those 18 or over must complete a state-approved adult Driver Education course. Once your classroom and behind-the-wheel hours have been fulfilled, a certificate will be awarded – this should then be presented at DPS along with other documents for review.

Wait. KXAN found that many individuals across Texas were waiting months to receive an appointment to start the licensing process, particularly those living in smaller towns; even those in larger cities reported delays with scheduling an appointment.

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