How to Spot a Fake Retired Military ID

fake retired military id

How to Spot a Fake Retired Military ID

During the Civil War, con artists used fake retired military id to scam money out of the government. They added years to their age, falsified military service records, claimed service in obscure units and often exaggerated battle victories or other accomplishments – even today when record keeping is more accurate, false claims of military service still occur.

Fake military ID cards can be difficult to distinguish from authentic ones, so it is crucial that you familiarise yourself with their appearance. Here are a few things you should check:

Font and Coloration Unevenly or Fading

If the fonts or colors on an ID appear inconsistent or bleeding and fading, that could be a telltale sign it’s fake. A legitimate military ID card would never exhibit such defects and also do not contain typos or spelling mistakes that would give away its authenticity.

Sketchy Picture A real military ID should contain a portrait photo that depicts its owner from the front on a plain white background, without items in the background that can give away whether or not it is legitimate. Any photo showing someone facing sideways or featuring items as background is an indicator that it could be fake.

As soon as your ID arrives, run your fingers across its edges to detect ridges, bumps and other physical irregularities. Also inspect its back; many fake ID makers don’t spend as much time reproducing its look, so doing this may help spot red flags earlier.