Is Credit Card ID Real?

Is Credit Card ID Real?

Credit Card Id Real is the process of creating an actual, valid credit card number to use when shopping online and verifying identity of potential cardholders.

The initial two digits of a credit card ID number reveal which card network and bank issued it, known as its Bank Identification Number or BIN and can vary between cards.

IIN numbers typically consist of six digits but can contain up to 12 digits, assigned by issuing banks which each possess over 1 trillion possible account numbers for customers.

There are also unique identifying numbers found within the first few digits of card numbers which differ between networks, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.

AmEx cards contain four-digit card identifiers which are located either on the front or back, just above or to the right of their embossed account numbers. These identifiers allow AmEx to perform real-time verification checks of information about each card in real-time and enable merchants to confirm you physically have it before permitting purchases to proceed.

Signature panels, in which cardholders must sign their card before using it, can help prevent fraud; unfortunately this feature is rarely utilized; retailers typically won’t even check to see if someone signed their card here and may never compare that name against that on their driver’s license.