Is Passport Required For US Flights?

is passport required for us flights

Is Passport Required For US Flights?

Foreign travelers travelling domestically currently don’t require ID; however, this will change once Real ID takes effect in 2023 and all drivers or identification cards issued with the Real ID seal become mandatory for state drivers licenses or identification cards issued to foreign nationals – however a passport will still be accepted as identification documentation.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations mandate that all adult travelers (18 and older) present acceptable forms of identification at security checkpoints before taking flights, both U.S. citizens as well as non-citizens residing here. Acceptable ID documents include passports, US military ID cards, US visa stamps stamps permanent resident cards (green cards) or enhanced driver’s licenses as forms of ID.

To obtain a green card, applicants must demonstrate strong ties to their home country and that they intend to return; marriage to a US citizen makes this more challenging than necessary. Furthermore, F and J status applicants must have clear plans to migrate at some point, something which may be challenging when married to an American.

People often opt to travel within the US by air with only one form of identification – their passport – saving themselves the hassle of carrying two pieces and keeping track of both documents at all times. Plus, using only one document allows them to cross borders into foreign countries or return into America easily and with confidence.