Is Real ID Mandatory For All Adults?

is real id mandatory

Is Real ID Mandatory For All Adults?

Yes, all adults must present valid identification in order to fly, enter certain federal buildings and nuclear power plants and access certain federal services. Congress issued this mandate under the REAL ID Act in 2005 which sets minimum security standards that state-issued driver’s licenses must meet.

The REAL ID Act forbids federal agencies from accepting driver’s licenses or identification cards issued from states that do not meet these criteria for certain uses, with exceptions such as law enforcement and military personnel who still may accept such documents for certain tasks. Nonetheless, individuals can use passports instead of REAL ID cards when traveling internationally.

As a foreigner, obtaining an ID may be more complex and more costly, due to stringent documentation requirements and higher costs. However, it may still be possible for foreigners to acquire real id documents by providing their passport and other required documents.

To obtain a real ID card, it is necessary to submit several pieces of documentation including: an official birth certificate with raised seal; proof of your legal name (such as court orders or marriage certificates); documentation showing either you already possess a Social Security Number or that you are ineligible for one; as well as two forms of current identification.

New York offers several ways to apply for real ID online or at a DMV office, with its website providing an exhaustive list of requirements. Every state may differ in regards to the rules and procedures involved when applying; please check your state website or visit a nearby DMV office for information specific to your state.