Risks of Buying a Fake ID Online

buying a fake id online

Risks of Buying a Fake ID Online

Purchase of fake ID online can be simple, yet can carry serious legal ramifications.

Professional designers with expert Photoshop skills often produce the most convincing fakes. But creating them from scratch is often extremely challenging for anyone without these abilities, although guides exist online that may assist. Real IDs feature holograms which make counterfeiting hard; fake IDs generally use slab serif fonts like Arial instead.

Most individuals who purchase fake IDs on the dark web through Reddit communities such as /r/FakeID typically do so by providing their personal details – an action which may make it easy for an investigator to crosscheck this data against federal databases and potentially identify them as potential purchasers of false identity documents.

Under most circumstances, possessing and using a false ID to enter age-restricted venues will not incur severe penalties; however if used to commit other crimes or for national security purposes it could result in jail time.