Taking a Driving Licence Test SA For a Foreigner

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Taking a Driving Licence Test SA For a Foreigner

Undergoing a driving license test as a foreigner may seem daunting and challenging, but there are numerous resources available. Here are a few helpful tips to get you underway.

Current South African driving licenses contain the following information: name, father’s name, date of birth, address, authorized vehicle type, emergency contact, blood group information and driver photo. It’s wise to prepare for both theory and practical tests with online practice tests in order to ease stress during their passing and attain your full license more quickly.

If you hold a valid foreign driver’s license, it remains valid until either becoming permanently resident in South Africa or taking and passing the VORT exam to obtain your learners’ licence. However, if police stop them while driving and they cannot produce their permanent driver’s license as required to present to traffic officers for inspection purposes they could face a fine of up to R3000 for not producing legal documentation to present during an arrest.

Cost for obtaining a learner’s licence varies between provinces, but generally takes four to six weeks. When booking at a DLTC, a booking fee ranging from R220 to R300 must be paid along with proof of identity, your current driver’s licence, medical certificate application form DL1, available from any DLTC or on eNatis and proof of payment (whether cash or card).