What is a Military ID Card?

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What is a Military ID Card?

Identification is of vital importance to military members and workers. ID cards serve a range of functions that support security such as access control for buildings or restricted areas as well as authentication on computer networks. They also play an essential part in emergency management by helping military agencies respond more swiftly in times of disaster through rapid deployment of personnel and equipment.

Common Access Cards (CACs), military ID cards commonly referred to as two-factor authentication tools that serve multiple functions, are most frequently seen among military members as the solution for visual identification through color photos and PIN numbers. Their security features provide resistance against fraud, tampering, counterfeiting and exploitation and provide two-factor authentication: what you have (CAC) and what you know (PIN number).

CACs are issued to both active duty and reserve military members as well as civilian military employees requiring access to military installations. A sponsor, or individual affiliated with a component/Command, serves as the gatekeeper who will verify and authorize eligibility.

An ID Office Online can issue a new CAC for those in uniform and civilian attire that meets service grooming standards; head coverings are acceptable for religious or medical reasons. Should a CAC become lost, those affected must notify their chain of command immediately. A replacement card can then be requested free of charge through either the RAPIDS site or online.