Where Can You Get Passport Photos Online?

can you get passport photos online

Where Can You Get Passport Photos Online?

As a foreigner, it can be challenging to locate an agency or location to take passport photos for visa applications. Photo requirements can be extremely stringent; even professional photographers might not understand exactly which specifications must be fulfilled in order to be accepted as visa photos. Therefore it is crucial that you be clear and specific with regard to what your photo requires in terms of size and style requirements for international visas.

Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS offer passport photo services. Prices typically range from about $12 for two photos at these drugstores; additional options can also be found at Costco stores, Sam’s Club locations as well as some Sears and JCPenny locations.

Online websites also provide passport photos at competitive prices. Their software enables you to upload a photo and then crop it according to requirements for passport and visa photos, while others even replace backgrounds for higher quality photos.

However, if you want to save money while maintaining flexibility over the location and pose of your photos taken for passport photo purposes, using a free tool that converts existing ones to passport size pictures might be best. These programs can easily be found online and make the whole process very straightforward – not to mention eliminating costly fees charged by many photo studios for creating good passport images for you.