Where to Buy Passport Booklet

where to buy passport booklet

Where to Buy Passport Booklet

Travelers looking for passport booklets can purchase them at local post offices or county courthouses, as well as apply for new passports, renew existing ones, replace lost/stolen ones with an updated one and add pages. All these services are offered by the Department of State’s Passport Services Division, who require completed applications as well as supporting documents to process each service properly and quickly – failure to do so could delay or disapprove an application altogether.

Passports are book-like documents issued by countries to verify the identity and nationality of travelers for international travel. Each passport usually includes information such as their name, date of birth, sex and photograph; some even feature additional security features to prevent forgery and counterfeiting.

The United States offers various passport types. A passport book must be presented when traveling via air travel; on the other hand, only passport cards may be used when traveling on land or sea.

A passport book may cost more than its passport card counterpart, but it allows travelers to travel internationally by air and is valid for 10 years; its validity expires after five years.