Where to Buy Passport Photo

Where to Buy Passport Photo

Your passport photo can be obtained at an affordable cost through various outlets, such as pharmacies, retail stores, membership warehouses, shipping stores and post offices.

CVS, Rite-aid and Sam’s Club all provide passport photo services at a fee for customers to use the Kodak Moments Biometric ID Photo System to take passport pictures.

WalMart and Costco both provide photo printing services, but you may prefer visiting one to have your images printed.

Your photo must meet all requirements for a passport or visa photo. Printed on photo-quality paper and unaltered, no changes may be made after printing it out.

Your face should be clearly visible in the photo. Eyes must be open, and hair free of accessories. Eyeglasses may only be worn if prescribed by a medical doctor and you provide proof that they are necessary for good vision.

Headgear that is worn daily must be verified as religious articles worn for your faith and worn regularly by you. A hat may be worn; however, remove it prior to taking a photo.

Remember to take passport and visa photos in an adequately lit area and do not tilt your head downward, as this makes it more difficult to see your eyes. Also make sure that neither your ears nor other people’s hands or objects appear in the photograph.