Where to Buy Passport Photos

where to buy passport photos

Where to Buy Passport Photos

Finding passport photos as a foreigner can be challenging. There are plenty of places online and in person where you can buy passport photos, making it hard to determine the most cost-effective solution for you and your budget. In this article we’ll highlight where to purchase cheap passport or visa photos as well as provide advice for making your own photo at little or no cost and giving advice for long-term and frequent international travelers.

Where to Purchase Passport Photos

The easiest place to obtain passport photos is usually at a nearby photo shop. Look out for stores with signs advertising “photocopy or photo,” then ask if they offer passport photo services. Many of these shops double up as printing shops too and may provide your 2 photos for less than $12 each.

Costco and Sam’s Club locations typically provide passport photos at a relatively reasonable cost of $4.99 each; Target, Sears and JCPenny typically also provide this service at some locations.

Drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS offer another great solution for passport photos. You’ll likely be able to find them throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island and they typically offer compliant photographs for around $15 for two. It should be noted that they won’t provide Myanmar visa or Colombian cedula photos; for this type of photographing experience you will have to go elsewhere.