Why You Shouldn’t Buy Passport Fake Online

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Passport Fake Online

Passports are required at immigration checkpoints and hotel check-ins abroad, but also used when applying for jobs or schools abroad. Criminals could use your scans for various illicit purposes if they come into their possession; some could even sell them on the dark web for extra cash.

But counterfeiting poses the real danger. One approach to combatting it is by designing documents with multiple features that make copying, producing, and personalizing difficult. By including tactile and optical features as well as technologies not widely available and materials not readily available within an intricate design, it will become harder for criminals to counterfeit travel documents.

Fake passport sellers online are already giving individuals with extremist ties the ability to escape Syria for countries like the UK, EU and Canada. One Uzbek with ISIS connections sent Postmedia videos showing his wares – French and Belgian passports which looked authentic when placed under UV lighting.

counterfeiting passports isn’t simply about making copies – it involves altering an original document in some way – such as adding fraudulent visa stamps – in order to reduce risks.